The smoke from the house
Simbu’s Crocodile Prize: From wild dream to reality

Like my mum and dad did


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

Like a small boy I prance about the yard,
My heart filled with joy, my son is born.

I was told never to lie, cheat or steal,
But I did, I did it all, the lies, the deceit,
The drinking, the fighting, I wish I had not.

My parents’ strong Christians, the virtues of
Humankind, my son I wish the same for you,
I wish and pray a hope, be it a glimmer, a light as the end of a tunnel.

The Ten Commandments, the saints have long been known to me,
My son I wish the same for you.

Like fire and brimstone my anger rages, but for you my son,
The smile and your giggle bring me comfort,
For you I shall live for, like my mum and dad for me
I shall do unto you.

Like rain and thunder my love breaks the toughest of society,
The trenches and ditches of hopelessness filled by a never ending flow of love.

Like the universe I do not know what the future holds
but, from what I was told, it’s bright for us all.


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