On coming to terms with violence in this world

Linguistic harmony


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

A traditional language
Linking different tribes
For a common understanding
As a mode of harmony

A mixed language
Linking different cultures
For a mutual understanding
As a mode of harmony

Lingua franca
A trade language
Linking multiethnic community
For a common understanding
As a mode of harmony

A simplified language
Linking different societies
For a communal understanding
As a mode of harmony

A formal language
Linking different races
For a collective understanding
As a mode of harmony


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Samantha D Kusari

Well said Jimmy. Reminds me of Annemarie Wanamp and Helen Vetunawa's lectures here at UoG.

Philip G Kaupa

Angra ka kaima di ne....wakai we.

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