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Prince of peace

I was told to be boldJIMMY AWAGL

An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

If you see a mother with a load
Without her request
Carry her load
Set her heart at ease
She will bless you

If there is no water
Carry the empty container
Without a demand
Walk miles to water
Secrets will be revealed to you

If there is no firewood
Go split the logs
Without demand
Walk and look for firewood
They will applaud

If you sight someone’s property
Do not walk away with it
Pick it up and return it
Without them asking for it
They will reward you

If someone gossips about you
Call them to your side
Tell them without hesitation
“I forgive you”
They will acknowledge you as a prince of peace


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Jimmy Awagl

Angra Philip, the fundamental concept of Melanesians is to help one another and adhere to advice from elders and grandparents, as it is the custom and law.

We shall not forget these traditions to create a harmonious society.

Philip G Kaupa

These are what I hardly see today angra Jimmy. ...the basic principles.

Jimmy Awagl

Garry a great recount of your experience seeing someone made an effort to carry one of the bilum from the mothers.
If he was able to carry the bilum then the mother have done something to reward the missionary.
However, for his genuiness to help the mother was happy at the end by rewarding him with a smile before she depart.
PNG mothers are uniquily created to carry bilums from distant places with heavy load.
God bless those mothers, without them a traditional society in PNG would not prosper.

Jimmy Awagl

Daniel Great remarks, if we do not use our common sense then our parents and elders would not release blessing upon us. We need to help to earn from them to create unity and harmony among one another.

Garry Roche

Jimmy Awagl’s poem and accompanying illustration reminded me of an incident related to me by a missionary in the Jimi in the early seventies.

This expatriate missionary and some fellow missionaries were relaxing one afternoon by the roadside near Tsengaropa, beyond Tabibuga.

Several local women began walking past loaded down with full bilums of sweet potato and other produce from their gardens.

One of the expat missionaries, a strong able man, remarked that if he was genuine in his faith he should carry the bilum for one of the women.

Apparently urged on by his friends, he approached one of the local women who was carrying a heavy load and gestured to her to stop and let down the bilum.

The local woman was a bit puzzled but after some explanation she lowered the bilum to the ground.

The missionary then took hold of the straps of the bilum and began to lift it. It was too heavy for him. He tried again and then gave up. Embarrassed he let go of the bilum.

The local woman crouched down, put the straps of the bilum over her forehead, slowly stood up with the bilum and giving the expatriate a gentle smile walked on in a smooth gait with the bilum.

A victory for technique over brute strength?

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Jimmy, you didn't make this up. It is the wisdom of our fathers teachings, passed down from generation to generation. These wise teachings are basically the same teachings found in the Word of God and our Mama Law. We are not following them and thats the problem.

Good one Kaime. These teachings are the stuff which moulded man to live till they grew white hair on their arse.

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