Truth is not enough; there is a need for conviction
No confidence motion in Peter O’Neill gathers momentum

For Anjo & the few who gathered at the Unagi Oval

PM must step downRAYMOND SIGIMET

A poem dedicated to the brave few who gathered at Unagi Oval on 26 October as patriots to show their concern and dissatisfaction at the way the country is being run by Peter O’ Neill and his People’s National Congress-led government. My heart and admiration goes out to them

The people have gathered
Though not a crowd
Anjo and them
Wanting answers
From the government
To unanswered questions

The people have gathered
Though, so I have heard
Some prevented
By the men in blue
Compromised, intimidation, brutality
Pretending to uphold the law

Those people gathered at Unagi
Brave and courageous
Their country at heart
Forced to disperse
One beaten for exercising his right
The onlookers helpless

Those people gathered at Unagi
Very few, without support
Where are our university patriots?
Where are our Facebook heroes?
Where is the power of the citizen?
Decimated, suppressed, passive

No one is power hungry
It’s corruption and mismanagement
We’re blinded by the glitter of promises
In Port Moresby and Lae
Billion kina city roads, stadiums, kickbacks
What about the majority?

Stop being deceived
The rhetoric, paitim bros, press statement
Free education, free health care?
Be a Thomas
Doubt, see for yourself
Things are not what they seem to be

The trickery
Tell a little lie continuously
Boast of developments in POM and Lae and
Maybe the people won’t see the big lie
That’s how the country’s being run
It isn’t about legitimacy, power hunger or 2017

For the few who gathered and some of us
It’s about honest leadership and good governance


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