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Clency Amos with Kondiu Secondary School Principal Gabriel Aina in 2015 after fulfilling her dream of completing Lower Secondary Education
Clency Amos with Kondiu Secondary School Principal Gabriel Aina after fulfilling her dream of passing the Grade 10 national examination


KONDIU - Rosary Secondary School here in Kondiu has marked a milestone achievement in certifying two special needs students in this year’s Grade 10 national examination.

Clency Amos, a student with low vision impairment, and Leo Kutne, a 53-year old student, successfully completed the examination on Friday.

Principal Gabriel Aina congratulated Clency and Leo for meeting the academic requirements that certified them.

“The successful completion of the national objective examination is an achievement for both of you because you both are special,” he told them.

“It is a blessing to witness the fact that you both have adapted and adjusted positively into formal system of education despite the challenges you encountered.”

Mr Aina said the school was honoured to have included them in the formal education system, adding that Rosary Secondary School will continue to include marginalised students in its programs.

Leo Kutne, from Kundi in Mingende, 53 and with six grandchildren, said he was happy to have successfully completed his lower secondary education.

He said schooling had been fun despite his age. He saw his classmates as his own children and was very grateful to them for being so supportive.

Leo said his own nine children were not serious in their education; therefore he had taken ownership himself. He is looking forward to doing Grade 11 next year.

Clency Amos, from Gor in Mingende, is 17 and has low vision impairment. She said she was happy to have completed the national objective examination successfully. She said she was very anxious at first but, with the constant support of her teachers and friends, she managed to overcome this.

Clency also acknowledged the Simbu Writers Association, her subject teachers and teachers from Mingende Callan Inclusive Education for providing the opportunities for her to show her ability.

She said her participation in the regional quiz and writing in the literary competition has built her confidence and competence in public presentation.

“The events helped me to believe in myself,” she said. “I have nothing to give you good hearted people but, in gratitude, I salute you all for making a difference in my life,” she concluded with tears in her eyes.

And so Clency Amos and Leo Kutne’s dreams of completing Lower Secondary Education were achieved.


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Bomai D Witne

I didn't know that the Grade 10 national examination is now called 'Grade 10 national objective examination'.

Clency and Kutne, congratulations. You are not special, you are human and you competed with others in the exam. Keep competing.

Joe Kuman

Congratulations to Leo and Clency. Emanuel Simon, functionally blind is the next one who is also sitting for Grade 12 Exam at Kondiu.

Kondiu Rosary Secondary school as championed the Global Campaign of EFA. Go RSSK....

Mathias Kin

I knew Clency for a while during the Simbu School Literary Excellence Competition and the Think Tank Quiz in Hagen last year. She did really well at both events. She is indeed a special talent. I wish her all the best in her future.

Arnold  Mundua

Sometimes I feel like going back to the classroom and passing all the exams I failed many years ago.

Congratulations to our to heroes. Wakai we di tomuniwo.

Mondia Ambua Kua Mori

I have tears in my eyes just reading your article. They both show us the meaning of "never give up!" They are awesome. Good on them.

Rashmii Amoah

Congratulations Leo and Clency😊

Philip G Kaupa

Well done.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Congratulations Tupla!

`Robin Lillicrapp

Great achievement, Leo and Clency.

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