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Our boys & girls in bluePETER TURNER

POLICE officers gathered at ceremonies across Australia on Monday to remember colleagues killed on duty.

While thankfully no officers died in the line of duty in Australia over the past 12 months, the focus of this year's Remembrance Day was on five Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary officers who died on duty in Papua New Guinea and also on past fallen colleagues.

Australian Capital Territory chief police officer Rudi Lammers said it was an important day of reflection.

"It is a day when we gather to remember, reflect and honour those officers who lost their lives in the line of duty," Mr Lammers said.

"We remember our past fallen colleagues, whose names are on the wall of remembrance, for the commitment and sacrifice they made.

"We support also our colleagues in the RPNGC who have lost five officers in the last year."

The five RPNGC Officers who lost their lives on duty in the last 12 months were:

Senior Constable Lasinga Salathiel from Kavieng, New Ireland Province. Based at Namatana, Lasinga was killed in a car accident on the Bulaminski Highway. He left five 5 dependents

Probationary Constable Clifford Yembiningi from Yangoru, East Sepik Province. Based at Gordons Police Station in Port Moresby, Clifford was murdered at Gordons Market trying to apprehend a robbery suspect. He left two 2 dependents

Senior Constable Alan Anai from Aitape, West Sepik Province. Stationed with the Canine Unit in Mt Hagen, Alan was murdered by a mob of drunks when he stopped their bus after a traffic accident. He left three dependents

Senior Constable Dunstan Baure from Tufi, Oro Province. Stationed at Kikori, Dunstan died whilst pursuing armed robbers. He left two dependents

Detective Chief Sergeant Camillus Salingiwi of Nuku, West Sepik Province. Stationed at Goroka, Camillus was killed in a car accident while travelling to Porgera on duty. He left six dependents

I knew Camillus, having worked with him at Porgera for 12 months. He was an old time, honest, disciplined and skilful copper.

He was returning to Porgera from Goroka, where he had attended his daughter’s graduation when the vehicle in which he was travelling was struck by another vehicle at an intersection, ran off the road into a small river.

Camillus was knocked unconscious and drowned. Rest in peace, comrade.

Two of Camillus's children have received Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary scholarships.

The RPNGC actually lost more than 30 officers in the past 12 months, mostly from natural causes and most leaving dependents.

RPNGC Legacy plays an important role in ensuring the well-being of families after officers die. The children of deceased RPNGC Legacy Members are provided with all expenses and requirements relating to their continuing education. Donations are well spent and sincerely appreciated.

Anthea Yawa, a Grade 11 student at Port Moresby High School, the 18 year old daughter of the late Chief Inspector Miriam Yawa DPS, who recently lost a battle with cancer, was sponsored by NSW Police Legacy to attend the official observances of Police Remembrance Day in Sydney.

RPNGC Legacy has also been hosting a number of NSW Police Legatees who trekked the Kokoda Track. 


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