Logging hypocrisy: PNG hosts APEC forest protection talks
Truth is not enough; there is a need for conviction

Leaders of integrity don't fear social media, they use them


POLITICAL leaders with true integrity don't fear social media because they are secure in themselves and know that slander and libel are already indictable offenses under PNG law.

When political leaders are really in tune with people at the grassroots (not just the business class and those who grace the swimming pool at Airways), they engage social media as part of their public relations and in maintaining active rapport with stakeholders and leaders in their electorate communities.

If thus engaged, the virtual graffiti posted by keyboard vandals is quickly wiped off by the general public as the disgusting sputum everyone knows it is.

There are limits to which parliament should dictate our freedoms and responsibilities.

In our democracy, whether someone has broken the law is determined by the judiciary not the executive: otherwise we're in a dictatorship.

The executive arm of government is supposed to be busy dealing with running national policies, finances, security, health and welfare for its people; not trying to play policeman by changing laws to suit government members own purposes.

Let our political leaders refund the UBS loan and physically, by an actual cash money transaction, establish the long-promised sovereign wealth fund.

Let our members of parliament abandon the free education policy farce and start to provide quality education from teachers who are in classrooms with real desks, chairs, books, pens, blackboards, computers, printers and the rest.

Let us hear from the PNG medical profession that they are satisfied with the national health system and the free health care service, not from politicians who can afford overseas travel and medical fees at the best international hospitals.

Why don't our good MPs chainsaw down the SABLs instead of the iconic cultural symbols in our national parliament.

Let’s stop the hypocrisy of putting outdated and unintelligible versions of the Holy Bible in church and get MPs to start offering tithes from their own fat salaries.

Is that too big a miracle? Do we have too little faith? Or is that just a stupid request not worth making?

Oh never mind! We already have a K780,000 bible.

Bernard Yegiora says our leaders’ ‘good names' deserve more respect. I say it's time they earned respect.


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