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Rose needs her sisters, yet PNG visa disgrace continues

Rose after chemotherapyPETER KRANZ

UPDATE - Peter Kranz reported late this afternoon....

A result at last! Thanks in no small part to Keith and PNG Attitude, the Australian High Commission today confirmed that visas for Rose's two sisters have been approved.

And many thanks for your kind comments, dear readers.


CLAIMING it would improve efficiency, the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby outsourced its visa application procedures to a British company called TT Services.

On its website TT Services brags that it is dedicated “to excellence and innovation …. a trusted partner for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide.”

But if my family's experience is anything to go by, this is far from the truth.

My Simbu wife, Rose, has cancer. She has had two major operations and is now halfway through a course of chemotherapy. Her chances of survival are around 40%. Fortunately she is a fighter.

Her greatest wish is for her sisters from Papua New Guinea to come to Australia to help look after her.

The effects of radical chemotherapy are not pretty. Rose is easily prone to infections, she is weak and nauseous and has lost her hair.

So, back in July, we helped her mother and two of her sisters apply for tourist visas to come to Australia to be with her.

Despite the promised five-day turnaround, in the case of her sisters we have met with obfuscation, neglect and excuses from TTS. We still await the visas three months later.

Rose in Simbu regaliaI have raised this with the Australian High Commission, my local member of parliament in Australia and, most recently, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. No success so far.

The TTS pricing strategy is particularly galling. First the visa application fee. Then we were told we needed to pay an online tracking fee. Then a medical examination fee.

Rose’s mother, Mana, was granted a visa in early September without a medical.

They two sisters were told they required X-Rays and a medical examination when exactly the same information was provided on all the visa applications

Apparently this is a new requirement for any Papua New Guinean visiting someone in Australia who is ill, although it is not mentioned on the High Commission website or tourist visa application form.

Two weeks ago I visited PNG to try to sort this out. We got the X-Rays (they are sent to Australia for checking) but, despite a promised 72-hour turnaround, we have heard nothing since.

I tried visiting the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby last week but was turned away. "We don't accept inquiries about visas,” I was told.

So we have been waiting since July to get tourist visas for my sisters to come to Australia. Their passports are fine, the women are of good character and are visiting on compassionate grounds to be with their sister.

But apparently this is not good enough for Australian Immigration, the Australian High Commission or their lackeys in TT Services.

This is a disgrace and Australia should be ashamed.

By way of contrast, I applied for a tourist visa to visit PNG and was granted one within three days and at no cost by the PNG Consulate in Sydney.

Something is terribly wrong here and the Australian High Commission needs to investigate it.

It seems to me to be either gross incompetence or blatant corruption, and the Australian government is turning a blind eye.

And we still await the promised response.


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`Robin Lillicrapp

Great news, Peter, amid trial and circumstance.

Bessielah David

Best wishes to Peter and Rose and her family and I pray that God will give you all strength and willpower to press on through despite any circumstances.

May God Bless


We are now planning for Small Rose and Alice (Rose's sisters) to visit us in the next fortnight. I am the chief cook and bottle washer (which I am rather proud of, having so many great PNG cooks around me).

A good time will be had by all I am sure, but Rose goes to hospital on Wednesday for a blood transfusion as her red and white blood cell counts are disturbingly low.

Lucky she's not a JW.

Peter Kranz

A result at last! Thanks in no small part to Keith and PNG Attitude, the Australian High Commission today confirmed that visas for Rose's two sisters have been approved.

And many thanks for your kind comments, dear readers.

This is very good news. On behalf of all our readers, I wish the beautiful Rose and the not-so-beautiful Peter strength and hope in the battle that lies ahead, which will be made all the more bearable by the presence of Rose's mother and sisters - KJ

Natalie Wilson

Dear Peter and Rose - I am shocked and saddened to hear of this, but it doesn't surprise me at all.

My thoughts are with you and I'll keep fingers and toes crossed that you get a response soon and Rose's sisters arrive soon to be with her.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

The PNG Immigration office is also a disgrace. American Lutheran missionaries are not being allowed into the country to work in Enga Province because of internal strife in the Gutnius Lutheran Church here about the head bishop's post.

Please Australian and PNG Immigration officials - see who you are dealing with. The American Lutheran missionaries and Rose's sisters are not criminals or asylum seekers.

Fight on Rose and Peter.

Philip G Kaupa

What a disgrace! Australian Immigration sucks big time with its partner TTS. What's happening in the high commission anyway? They are always like this to Papua New Guineans.

I hope Ambai Rose gets to see her sisters and defeat the cancer battle. Get well soon Ambai.

Barbara Short

Very sori to hear your story, Peter and Rose.
I know what Rose is going through and it is difficult and I hope her family will soon be allowed to be with her.
I'll see if any of my Sepik contacts know of a way to solve this problem.
God bless you all and comfort and uphold you through these battles, cancer and Australian red tape.

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