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The Croc growls for members of the DWU Writers Club

Danielle Tenakanai, Fr Harry Gahare and Sarah LaufaAMANDA YEOU

As I approached the lecture room, a single piece of paper on the notice board caught my attention.

It was a note from Fr Harry Gahare our lecturer, calling for interested students to join a writers club.

Weeks passed and more students from other departments within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences joined, not to mention interested lecturers and staff. The club grew in number and Fr Harry named it the Divine Word University Writers Club.

The new club has a vision to boost student interest in reading and writing and provides lessons in composition with the help of Fr Harry.

With the help of PNG Studies and International Relations lecturer Bernard Yegiora the club was recognised by the University.

As a new writer in PNG Attitude, I usually visit the blog twice a day to read new stories, poems, and other contributions. In late August I discovered the advertisement on site offering free Crocodile prize anthologies for distribution.

Keith Jackson approved my request for copies and sent me an email concerning the shipment and arrival dates of the books.

Early this month I received an email from the university administration telling me the books had arrived from the United States - it was happiest day of my life.

Fr Harry Gahare and the club members extend their heartfelt thanks to Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick for the 10 free copies of the 2015 Crocodile Prize Anthology.

Of the 10 copies, two copies have been given to DWU Friendship Library and the remaining eight will be used by the club.

Club members are happy to have received the anthologies and said they are inspired to write by reading what other Papua New Guineans have written.


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Fidelis Sukina

Great stuff DWU and Amanda. Surely a great avenue to help students write and promote literature. Many have the skills but, through a group, all can share and help each other

Amanda Yeou

Thank you Fr. Giorgio.
You're an inspiration and a role model to many.
God is with you.


Giorgio Licini

Congratulating everybody!

Gelab Piak

Amanda, the key to achieving your dream in a struggling country like PNG is pure determination and perseverance. Just the strength not to give up. Cheers.

Mathias Kin

Great stuff you guys in Madang DWU. You have a hands-on man in Father Harry and help from Mr Yegiora. We on the other side of the Bismarck will be coming to your town in truckloads come September 18-19 2016.

Amanda Yeou

Thank you everyone and a big thanks to Keith Jackson for his continuous support.

You all are an inspiration to us as young people.

P.S. My biggest dream is to be a very good writer some day.

Michael Dom

Good stuff.

Dominica Are

Oh how I wish there was a Writers Club back then when I was a student. I Hope it will interest students from other Faculties as well to join.
A Great initiative by Fr Harry Gahare.

Francis Nii

Thanks for the report, Amanda.

Institutions like DWU, UPNG etc embracing and promoting reading and writing among students will have rippling and propagating effect in literature.

Well done Fr Michael, Bernard and the team.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Amanda, I am proud of Fr Harry Gagare. I am proud of you and the DWU writers.

Through reading and writing we can improve the literacy levels of our students and quality education in our schools.

Hope to see you all in 2016 during Crocodile Prize presentations.

Philip G Kaupa

Glad to hear that Amanda. Great effort. I am happy to know that my writings will inspire a writers club at DWU. Cheers!

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