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The Crocodile Prize Anthology 2015 finds a home in Goroka

The anthology arrives in GorokaBOMAI D WITNE 

IT was 1.30 in the afternoon when my office phone rang. The caller told there was a box waiting for me at reception. I knew immediately it was the box containing the Anthologies.

The next day I wanted to provide copies to the University of Goroka library and the Centre for Melanesian Studies. The librarian arranged for a member of his staff, Joan Parapi to accept the books. The Centre director, Mr Gumbis, would also be there.

We agreed to meet in the library and, when I turned up, the Director of the Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning, Kensol Rui, was also present to witness the presentation.

I acknowledged our good friends Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick for assisting in the process of getting the anthologies published and provided a brief on the Crocodile Prize literary contest which attracted entries of different kinds from Papua New Guinean writers.

I also took time to talk about the organisational transition of Crocodile Prize from this year.

Ms Parapi (left in the picture) thanked me for choosing to give two copies of the anthology to the library and said the library has the 2013 and 2014 anthologies and was happy to add 2015.  She said she liked reading the anthologies and challenged herself to read an article whenever she was free from official duties.

Mr Gumbis (right in the picture), a keen supporter of literacy in Papua New Guinea, commended Keith, Phil and the entire Crocodile Prize Organisation in promoting literary endeavour in Papua New Guinea.

He mentioned that the competition made it possible for writers to capture rich information in the communities where it was compiled in the anthology and so reached the Centre for Melanesian Studies to be made available to students, academics and the public.

I will start distributing copies to schools in Goroka soon and provide updates as I do. 


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Bomai D Witne

Amanda, good to see you writing. I know it all started from that lab at DWU. All the best in your studies.

Amanda Yeou

Thank you Keith Jackson & Phil Fitzpatrick.
Divine Word University's Writers Club is keen for next Monday as we will be issuing the Ten (10) Crocodile Prize Anthologies to the Library and the Writers Club.
God bless these two people.
My role models in writing.

Amanda Yeou

Good job Bomai.
All the best in writing.

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