Peace & harmony, yin & yang and the power of thought
Conservation: the sad state of the great Kandep swamplands

The dodgy Warrior is falling

Aseki Smoked Body ( NII

Dodgy Warrior …
Your days are numbered
Defeat’s storm is brewing
A sweep into oblivion awaits

Your fame has receded
Your triumph has waned
The accolades have faded
The music’s tempo diminishes

You can’t fight anymore
Your potency is enervated
Your shields are battered
Your spears depleted

You can’t hide anymore
The night has departed
The dawn has come
There is no more refuge

You are falling, dodgy Warrior
Not by the sword of the enemy
But by the venom of your wicked deeds
Into a grave you yourself dug

Dodgy Warrior …
Pay the price of your duplicity
Suffer the wrath of justice
Await the dungeon you deserve


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