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Emmanuel takes the 1st Reading during the Grade 12 thanksgiving massROSLYN TONY

AS Grade 12 students throughout Papua New Guinea prepare for their national examinations, vision-impaired Emmanuel Simon from Rosary Secondary School, Kondiu, is comfortably in tune with all of them.

Emmanuel and Clency Amos, both of whom are vision impaired, were enrolled for the first time into the formal education system last year - Clency in Year 9 and Emmanuel in Year 11.

At Rosary Secondary School, the subject teachers rose to the challenge of adapting their teaching-learning strategies to accommodate the two students.

Mingende Callan Services engaged a full time staffer specialising in Braille to adjust the tests and assignments for each subject. It was an interesting year for the subject teachers and the two special needs students.

With the increase of student enrolment due to the free tuition fee policy, students’ behaviour was rowdy particularly during meal times and Emmanuel and Clency sometimes got trapped in this.

But they made it through, Clency recently completing her Grade 10 national examination and Emmanuel for his final school exam.

The striking characteristics found in these vision-impaired students have been their patient and perseverance.

Competing academically with fully able students in a formal system was no easy task but both made it through. They were able to meet the curriculum requirements of PNG’s formal education system.

Clency and Emmanuel have lived up to the motto, “Don’t look at my disability; look at my ability.”


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Bessielah David

Congratulations to them both! :)

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