I worry about the influence of capitalistic trends in PNG
El Nino, Mother of drought

What I was told


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

What I was told by Grandpa …
Show compassion to others
And you sow amity
Multitude friends you shall win
Myriad peace and harmony you’ll enjoy

What I was told by Grandpa …
Care for the old, vulnerable and meek
And you sow prosperity                             
Copiousness you shall reap
Peace and happiness shall fill your home

What I was told by Grandpa …
Do not steal
Like stepping in a flaming fire
You’ll get burnt until you repay in full
Or else bad blood and blood bath will ensue

What I was told by Grandpa …
Do not covet
For your conscience will get tainted
Morality and astuteness will depart your mind
Violence and cacophony will prevail

What I was told by Grandpa …
Uphold the laws of the land
And you build a fort
Refuge you’ll find when attacked
Peace and security you’ll enjoy

What I was told by Grandpa …
Like good soil is education
Good harvest comes from hard work
Wealth and prosperity you’ll reap
Peace and happiness you’ll enjoy

What I was told by Grandpa …
Take to heart the sages’ advice
Like torches in the dark
They’ll show you the right path
Success, peace and long life you’ll reap


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