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Why so soon? It’s that political roundabout feeling again


WE are yet to see the impacts of the O’Neill Government and already there are plans to remove him from the realms of power.

Peter O’Neill is a man of action and ideals but he is a big spender.  This might become his downfall.

It is evident enough that O’Neill and his government have done a lot of things in terms of improving the infrastructure.

As for the economic boom, it was the policies of the former government and its Look North policy and the PNG LNG project buildup through the construction phase that gave Papua New Guinea a big boost.

Now that the project has reached production, the big spending has stopped and economic activity has slowed.

The government was wrong to write huge loans, especially when it was incompetently ill-prepared to face a natural disaster such as the El-Nino drought. The economic effects of this are yet to be realised and may run into millions of kina.

We hosted the 15th Pacific Games to create an international image of PNG not really to benefit PNG. How did this improve the living standards of the people?

After the Pacific Games, young people are back on the streets selling betel nut and other goods at traffic lights, while many others live in impoverished conditions in the settlements.

There are many pressing issues as we now begin to feel the pinch of the ill-considered decisions and loans taken by the O’Neill government. We have been on a roller-coaster ride.

Most of our development loans are coming from China’s Exim bank, the Asian Development Bank and Japan’s International Cooperation for Aid.

Bilateral technical expertise is coming from Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India and China.

PNG’s economic growth can be attributed to the rise of China’s economy and the recent economic lassitude is due to the slowdown in China.

That said, PNG must embrace the Asian Century and be the masters of our own destiny; no strings attached. Whichever government takes power must embrace the Asian Century.

Why is the government silent on the economic situation of our country? The current government’s claim of creating economic growth is not borne out by reality. The real issue is economic growth and how to achieve this.

The takeover of the two mines was ill-advised. Ok Tedi Mining was a globally recognized company, synonymous with development in Western Province, and its fall has cause a dent in development in the province.

The El-Nino drought’s effects on the economy would have been minimised if it were properly provisioned for. El-Nino didn’t just pop up from the sky, it was predicted two years ago. It seems this government has been making poor decisions.

Welcome to the real world, Members of Parliament. There two lifestyle realities running parallel to each other: the rich, luxurious lifestyles of a few and the struggle of the erst of us.

These are not normal ordinary citizens who drive around in their family Toyota Fifth-elements. These are the few in their tinted vehicles never to be seen. But we know they are the actors behind the show.

They are ‘The Few’ who try as much as possible to control and influence decisions of government to benefit their interests, their businesses, their wealth and their lifestyles.

This government has done many things that are not right. It must answer many, many questions.

And now are we again to witness a struggle for power between the power-hungry?

If the current prime minister is ousted, the new leader will possibly be Don Polye. Belden Namah is likely to remain in opposition. His turn will come, of course. 


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Steve Gallagher

Good piece bro! Economic boom in PNG but there is no real change in the lives of people.

The government had spent million of kina for the Pacific game- what pacific game did to the lives of ordinary PNGans?

Developed countries have more money so they can spend on recreation activities like sports, please tell O'neill to stop acting as if all PNGans live a good lives.

The million kina fly over bridge in POM, what a waste for people's money!

All the country's resources were used to developed POM, while people suffer.

Well, O'Neill will fall and Done Polye or Peter Ipatas will rise in 2017.

Gelab Piak

Fids, I'm back at DWU to complete my study. Thanks man.

Bessielah David

People might resort to re-enact Robin Hood and his elite incumbents should the situation worsen. Good piece.

Fidelis Sukina

Brother - Good to see you writing again. Last I saw you was at Kiunga Airport. Great piece, just like we use to discuss back at DWU....

Gelab Piak

Thanks Keith. Been away from the scenes for quite some time.

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