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You deserve happiness

Happiness (Philip Kaupa)PHILIP KAUPA

An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

Hear the birds whistle hello
to the rising sun
excuse your comforting pillow
the day couldn't wait your run

Yawn out your dreams
just to invite a choice
say happy, happiness for real
and hear it with your voice

Push your hinges
open the happiness window
and shine out your highness
from above to below

Yesterday's failure must guide
those regrets be gone
come out the shell don't hide
grab happiness and move on

What others think of you
is nothing but the thin air
it's you who will make you
I see the happiness in you so share

For nothing is more healing
than what happiness can give
a priceless feeling
you only choose to receive

So choose happiness
Because you deserve to be happy


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Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Two great poets Philip Kaupa and Michael Dom. Two great minds planting the seeds of wisdom.

Philip G Kaupa

Michael thank you for fine tuning my frequency in this wave. You are one natural brew we can all rely on, especially the "to be poets". I like your rondeau lines and the trade mark of Peter Krantz. Thankyou tru! I will compose one rondeau to honour this lecture!

Michael Dom

Well done Philip - this is a marvelous composition for the contest - strong and faithful rhyming scheme throughout your quatrains.

As a challenge to you and other poets out there (Peter Krantz style) try using the rondeau form, e.g. my dedication to Dollorose yesterday and others.

This form can do interesting things with the simplest of poetic ideas.

Among other particulars, key facets are the first four words (also termed R as in a refrain or repeated line), sticking to eight syllable lines and using a rhyming scheme such as aabba–aabR–aabbaR (most popular).

There's lots of information about rondeau on the web.

The wording for this competition fits perfectly for an R line.

Like in this silly one I wrote, that doesn't quite go with the contest but sounds amusing.

What I was told; my parents scold
“You be good and do as your told!”
Thought I, “other kids don’t do that!”
They have great fun no matter what
They have been told.

So I had fun and I grew bold
I teased one kid, I called him fat
Some puny kid, I knocked him flat!
Then someone told.

My father called, my blood ran cold
I felt my tummy start to fold
One look at me and then he spat
“You boy are such a little brat”
He spanked me until my tears rolled
My mother said, with arms-a-fold
Do as your told.

Philip G Kaupa

Thankyou thankyou!...here is where I get my inspiration to keep writing and you all made me to....

Rashmii Amoah

Philip - your words are always inspiring. Another fantastic poem! Thank you.

August Berita

Great poem. We all deserve to be happy.

Margaret Brownjohn

I love this poem Philip. So wonderful and full of wisdom.

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