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An ode to David Beckham’s first game on seven continents

David Beckham with bilumRAYMOND SIGIMET

On 5 November, the famous English footballer, David Beckham, made Mount Hagen the first stop of his UNICEF Goodwill Match for Children - 7 Games in 7 Continents - tour. It was an honour for this prominent athlete, Kange David, to choose Papua New Guinea as the starting point in his goodwill mission covering Antarctica, Argentina, Djibouti, Nepal, the United States and finally Manchester, England.

A superstar in our midst
On a journey with a twist

The world did not expect
In the land of the unexpected

To see the legendary David Beckham
Play soccer with some Niugini chums

With dashing humility of an English knight
He carried a load, some kilos of weight

Eased the heart of our hailans mama
That’s Kange David with the bandanna

The Beckham busYou would have mistaken he’s from PNG
With he’s humble heart for all to see

For the love of the game
He came all the same

An ambassador amongst a thousand nations
Kick starts 7 games in 7 continents

In the world heartland of rugby
Kange David came with his brand of footy

The football legend with a mission
A match for children played in Hagen

First match in Papua New Guinea
A nation of a thousand tribes in glee

The legendary David Beckham came to town
For a few hours, Kange David was one of our own


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Steven Ilave Senior

The picture on the top right, tells the story of many rural women in PNG. They toil endlessly, carry heavy bilums miles, climb steep slopes with them to keep the families going.

An ode for the Beasts of Burden
Bending it like Beckham
They always score ten out of ten
Macho men must lighten the load for them

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