We are all the same, just different – if you see what I mean
The problem one

For I too am a Papua New Guinean


Sir Paulias Matane once said for a person to be a Papuan New Guinea, they have to be spiritually, physically, mentally, financially and politically independent

I am forty
I am a Christian
I am beautiful
I am the land of the unexpected

From the crawling of the dawn,
Alotau gives birth to the sun
as it rises discreetly humming “eh, that one how”
Humble winds from Oro
send morning greetings on the wings of a Queen Alexandria butterfly
The sound almost wakes the Fly River
to begin the day by strumming its subtle streams

And as Kerema sings a vocal rendition “yu yet kam na lukim”
Your highness Hiri Queen sways her hips
from the lagatoi in harmony with the waves
And once more Captain Moresby
is incarnated into this transitional day
Are you from southern region? Maybe!
For I too am a Papua New Guinean

As morning divorces at noon,
Raging seas from Bismarck beats on the atolls
of copper-less Bougainville
White sand and divers signal
the beautiful lady called New Ireland
Courtesy deeds from Kimbe, dubbed as “Pasin West
Smoke from notorious Tavurvur in the east clouds humanity
Foreign refugees find no comfort in nearby Lorengau
Are you from the islands region? Maybe?
For I too am a Papua New Guinean

By the time a dog barks,
A tribal fight welcomes Tari with open arms
and swinging tramontina bush knives
It pushes further up but restrains at Wapenamanda
From valleys of mist squall an incense of flora
from the mighty Muruk Garas
Up a rugged terrain of tranquil Simbu limestone
Through the orange quarry and thick breeze
is the seldom seen scene of Mount Hagen
Before the hunters of Jiwaka repatriate
to a huge feast for abstaining from clashes
Peaceful mudmen from Asaro burn their spears
as the afternoon cold covers highlands
Are you from the highlands region? Maybe?
For I too, am a Papua New Guinean

As the evening reckons a rest,
Voices etched in the shivers from Apoland
release serenity upon beautiful flying fox city
Wopa country delights in the aftermath of the journey
that began 40 years ago in September ‘75
The man behind it Michael Thomas Somare
who hails from the east rivers of crocodiles
To our destiny for another 40, a wish for God’s favour
as the sun sets once more on Sandaun
Are you from Momase region? Maybe?
For I too am a Papua New Guinean 


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Bessielah David

Indeed a beautiful summed up PNG accolade...nice one.

Dominica Are

I can see myself on a journey through the Land of the unexpected. Great piece!

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