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Then I remember


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

I am filled with anger, to go on a rampage
A burning desire for revenge
But then I remember
You told me to forgive, to love my enemies
For it’s the greatest of all virtues

I wanted too much, desire for worldly treasures
I indulged myself with earthly pleasures
But then I remember,
You told me about the riches in heaven
For its everlasting, and I will be given

I worry too much, about my problems
My unbearable cross
But then I remember
You told me to cast my burdens on you
You will take care of my problems, yes you

I am full of pride, wanting to be great
Others I push them beneath
But then I remember
You told me to be like little children
To be humble, is to be great in heaven

I am very judgmental, I judge by appearances
I forget my imperfections
But then I remember
You told me to remove the log from my eyes
For in my brothers eyes, only specks

I sin grievously, wondering away in shame
I don’t want you to call my name
But then I remember
You told me about the Prodigal Son
Me, you will never abandon


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Dominica Are

Thanks Philip, may Gods Word bless us all .

Philip G Kaupa

Dominica beautiful lines,I'm blessed.

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