From Stone Age to Modernity: PNG's wild ride into the future
We are not alone 1

‘Tis prayer I pay


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

Shake off the dust from gloomy yesterday
Glorious waters of grace await my bath
Mercy shall put on me a fresh garment then
Knitted in love like the blue sky I see today

Have me the food in which my heart delights
Fruits from the Gospel that feeds my spirit
Defend the sagging walls within my mind
So my soul shall be guarded from evil’s trick

Not alone shall I tread in distant places
Mountains that steal light from dark valleys
Be it the stormy rains serving drought plains
The great Giver of life shall my mouth please

Let me meet Him who renews me every day
An encounter beyond life come what may
He listens to my pleas and sees tears that stray
‘Tis prayer I pay, to invest in another new day 


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`Robin Lillicrapp

Nicely put, Vagi.

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