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John PomosoGARY JUFFA | Facebook

MY dear friend John Pomoso. Bro, I chatted with you a couple of weeks ago; took your mobile number and promised to call and catch up. It was the last time we spoke.

I regret never making that effort earlier. I think somehow that day we were meant to catch up one final time. Bro John, I have always admired how you carried yourself as a man, husband to your beautiful wife Nancy, and loving father to your exceptionally intelligent son Jayden.

I always marvelled that, no matter what the situation, you always demonstrated patience, had a sharp wit and a profoundly intelligent mind that seemed to know so much.

Bro I can't believe you're gone.

The pain of loss your family must feel I can only imagine. I convey my sincere condolences to them.

Brian told me you had left us on that journey to solve the great mystery that we must all grapple with, each in our own time.

The news stunned me.

Bro, I am at home and sitting here with your bro Fred Daingo and reminiscing about the good times and great memories we have of you.

I remember our CIEMP Training days in Canberra and sharing a flat with you and the great conversations we had.

I remember our efforts to protect our borders and your patience and unwavering courage. I remember your selfless ability to give and care for others and offer wise words of wisdom and whatever else you could. People could certainly count on you.

We will surely miss you. Farewell. See you on the other side of the border.


John Pomoso was a Commissioner in the PNG Customs Service with responsibilities for trade and cargo facilitation policies and procedures, also Customs corporate governance policies and other duties. He worked in Customs for many years, including with one of its most distinguished leaders, the now Governor Gary Juffa.


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Peter Bridger

My condolences to John's family. I was one of his teachers at Sogeri in the late seventies and was part of the ill-fated staff soccer team that John and his boys comprehensively defeated. A good student and leader material. May he rest in peace.

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