What I was told
A great idea is born

I am my father’s child

Daniel WASWAS, Multi culturalismJANICE ISU

Dear matrilineal society, Please excuse my bold claim, But I am my father’s child!
You say I am an outsider, That I belong to my mother, Coz she is not a local girl, But I have this to say:
My mother is her father’s daughter, His blood runs in her veins,
His DNA is her makeup, She carry’s his name.
She is her father’s child!

How can I be my mother’s? And carry her father’s name! If I belong to my mother?
Who then belongs to my father?

Even Jacob belonged to his father Isaac, Who belonged to his father Abraham.
God himself established this bloodline, He cut covenant with this lineage,
And honoured His covenant.

So dear matrilineal society, Please excuse my bold claim, But I am my father’s child!

His blood runs in my veins, His DNA is my makeup,
I carry his name,
I am my father’s child!


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