“You stupid PNGDF!” The day of the bullets
Manus camp refugees begin to look for employment in PNG

I found peace


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

Take a turn, a roundabout,
In circles, into a void,
An endless chase of cat and mouse
Chasing dreams ending in misfortune
A melee of disgust.

I was never this way,
I was told,
Never a lazy person,
Lazing and gazed at by society
As a man of failed hopes and dreams
But I tried, yes, I tried cried and died
Challenged to breaking point.

Like ice I melted into my corner,
Evaporating into hopelessness,
But by the grace of God I found peace and humanity
The relished savvy of a special being,

I found the innermost darkness swept out
By family and friendship.


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