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Timothy Lomai - QRL Intrust Super Cup -  Norths Devils V PNG Hunters at Bishop Park, NundahPACIFIC BEAT | Radio Australia

PAPUA New Guinea rugby league team, the Hunters, has forged a partnership with leading NRL team, the Brisbane Broncos, as they continue their build-up to the 2016 season.

As part of the deal, Hunters' coach Michael Marum will spend a week in January being mentored by NRL premiership coach Wayne Bennett.

Former PNG Kumuls coach, Bob Bennett, told Radio Australia that his brother was happy to host the PNG Hunters coach.

"It will just be Wayne's normal training week and Michael will hang around with him and see how it's done and the professionalism that Michael's got in place [in PNG]," Bennett said.

"He's going to come down to the Broncos and see what they do, the facilities, giving him some ideas, and just see where they go from there.

"Wayne's got a bit of a soft spot for PNG and I suppose that's through my connection and also just PNG in general so therefore he always helps out when he can."

However, Bob Bennett ruled out the possibility of any permanent PNG role for his brother.

"I think Wayne is too busy and I don't think that would be possible," he said.

"You've got to understand the PNG players as well and Michael does that very well. And Wayne will always be a contact for him to talk to - and that will be good - but no, I don't think Wayne will go to PNG."

Under the agreement, the Hunters will also use the Broncos' facilities as their training base when they travel to Queensland to play Intrust Super Cup matches next season.

"It will be good that every time they come to Brisbane and they know that if they want to do weights or something they can just do what they want," Bennett said.

"Most of the time I'd say the Broncos would be away, so the Hunters will have the field and facilities without too many problems."


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