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Sapos yu bin tok


A poem in Tok Pisin and English

Lik-lik taim tasol mi tupela i bin raun
Long namel bilong sem na poret
Taim i bin banisim mi long tokim yu stret
Olosem yu wanpla bikepla pes lo taun

Lon kona we yu bin stap planti krismas
Mi no bin burukim kiau lon kamap long haus
Kain kain ting ting mekim het i paul tumas
Long wanem mitupla ino bin bungim maus

Na sapos laikim bilong yu ibin stron lon mi
A ting mi tu bai salim pasin wantaim nogat moni
Pilins bilong mi tu i karim dei we san i bungim ren
Na nait tu i kisim laip bilong mun we lewa i pen

Long wanem baimi rausim hevi bilong mitupla
As bliong bugim yu namba wan taim tu mi wari
Sapos yu bin tokim mi long inapim yu wanpla
Mi bilip olsem hamamas bai rausim gut ai wara

If you had spoken
For a little while we had this little tail of love around
Wherein shame and fear had us begin for more
Time had walled me from whispering a folk lore
That of which you have become a celebrity in town

From the eccentric place you have swollen your growth
Not a time, have I broken innocence to that vicarage?
Many a demanding thoughts have kept me in doubt
For a demeanour have us not lip-locked with courage

If your passion had synagogue moments about me
Then thoughts about fuelling love will not require my money
The feeling I have is like a day making out with the rain
As the night robs the moon, I succumb to more emotional pain

For what reason have I to withdraw our hidden laden?
Imagining the glue of love at first sight, I wonder why?
If you had spoken about treating you like a maiden
Then, I believe glee would have sucked the tears from your eye


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