The eclipse of PNG’s eight aims & the false dawn of informality
How kaukau created the Melanesian Way

The not so royal constabulary


Buai stained teeth
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
With the use of guns, whips, metal bars, boots and fists

Paramilitary issued camouflage
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Indiscriminate use of weapon type, bullets and cartridge

Lus week traffic road check
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Favours and bribery accepted as well as cashable cheques

High powered military weapons
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Wanabe raskols, Lord help you if you’re chanced upon

A police trooper of constables
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
An ignorant mob of fists, boots, expletives and gun barrels

A PMV traffic infringement
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Passengers whipped, bos kru and driver twenty push ups

Suspected and escaping the law
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Your family arrested, house burned down and much more

Laying a complaint and requesting assistance
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
You also pay for the police and fuel to sort your grievance

Any speeding vehicle in our metropolis
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Indiscriminate shooting whether family run or car thieves

Suspect killed in police custody
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Suspect did it himself; policemen memories of incident foggy

Suspect shot in police shoot out
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
Crime scene report of retrieved home-made gun put out

The royal constabulary?
Enforcing her majesty’s laws
With intimidation, force and brutality

It’s nothing like a constabulary the Queen would be proud of


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Raymond Sigimet

I condemned the actions of our police in using live amunition rounds to disperse unarmed students on this day, Wednesday 8 June at UPNG Waigani.

This is a repetition of history. Seems like we forgot that the Bougainville civil war erupted because our police went in and instead of protecting properties and lives, they went about harrassing the local people. Em wankain samting kamap tete ya.

The royal tag now is a mockery of the pride and history of the colonial police of yesteryears.

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