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Gov Gary JuffaGARY JUFFA

RAYMOND Sigimet writes a great article for PNG Attitude (‘I want to know what happened to all the firebrands’).

I sit in parliament during sessions and wonder the same thing myself. What has happened to my colleagues?

I have concluded the same as Raymond: that they are now part of the pasim maus na harim [close your mouth & listen] brigade.

Most of them entered parliament on a claim of being leaders but have since found themselves to be followers.

Fear not though, some of us still speak as we should on issues affecting our nation.

My primary focus as Governor in the recent past was to get the illegal loggers out of Oro Province and I am satisfied that I have done exactly that.

Oro is the only province to have cancelled a Special Agriculture and Business Lease (SABL) and to have brought about a forest permit cancellation.

And next year, we will be kicking all illegal business operators out of the province.

Oro is now safer and cleaner and the people’s mindset is changing too. People are working, cleaning their own yards, being responsible and making do with what little we have.

I’m pleased to add that the restless youths are no longer a burden but an asset. They have stepped up and are now self-appointed town cleaners and safety wardens.

I have now arranged for them to be lawfully engaged and paid to manage our town cleaning program, establish the municipal dump and maintain order.

Meanwhile, our farmers have been engaged to grow rice for purchase by Trukai and we are embarking on an export driven economy quite unlike the self-sustaining economy that, right across Papua New Guinea, is creating joblessness and urban drift.

Things happen slowly when one is fixing years of rot and trying to change mindsets. But it is happening.

As for fitness, I maintain a schedule of one hour every day in the gym, regular walks, no alcohol, no processed fat and no sugar.

I now weigh exactly 100kg - down from the 115kg I once was - and I’m a huge advocate for organic garden food.

I can’t speak for my parliamentary colleagues on that one though.


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Paul Oates

Mathias, why settle for 21?

Mathias Kin

Good on you Hon Garry Juffa. Imagine if we had 21 other Garry Juffas across PNG?

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Governor, continue to stand head and shoulders above all. Stap wantaim yu!

Francis Nii

Good news, Gary. Thumbs up and keep going. The maus pas and the yoyos can carry away dancing to the master's music to the detriment of their own political career.

Lindsay F Bond

Governor Gary Juffa steps up for people of Oro Province. Steps in his list are good, each a better way, best for health and governance.

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