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‘Pacific Eden’ will open up PNG cruising grounds from Cairns

Violets are blue

E Sigimet I Teacher unfriendly policies - led into slaveryWARDLEY BARRY

From zeal to zest to zephyr,
Defeat seizing dreams and desire;
Our stories are fuel to the fire.

Dreams decaying into dust,
Flames devouring fortunes fast;
The echoes of our songs don't last.

Wealth weathers into want and woe,
Affectionate friends today, avowed foes tomorrow;
Serenity is a byword for sorrow.

E Sigimet I Malabags dilemma - free health careFriends fighting and foes fondling,
Flowers flourish only to be fading;
Sweet talks are theatrics for the dying.

Violets are blue and roses are red,
But we're all colourless instead;
Soon every soul will be dead.

Illustrations: Raymond Sigimet


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Michael Dom

"Serenity is a byword for sorrow" - that's a good line.

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