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MP is misleading Oro people about funds, says Governor

David Arore (PNG Facts)KEITH JACKSON

GARY Juffa MP, the Oro Province Governor, has said that his parliamentary colleague, Ijivitari MP David Arore (pictured), has mislead the people of the province by claiming he had no access to district services improvement program funds.

He told the PNG Post-Courier newspaper that Mr Arore had incorrectly claimed he did not have funds to help develop his electorate.

Governor Juffa said that in fact payments had been made for two major failed projects.

"For example, MV Ijivitari, which costs K5 million, remains idle and rotting away at Oro Bay,” Mr Juffa said.

“The lack of development has nothing to do with lack of funds but is a mismanagement issue.

"An Oro provincial government review has found instances of gross abuse. Time will reveal all.

“And as for the provincial government, we have not expended much of our funds, opting instead to fix defunct systems and establish controls and mechanisms for transparent procurement and good governance," he said.

The governor reminded Mr Arore that the Supply and Tenders Boards were the only legitimate platforms for the expenditure of public funds.

"This year Oro will be detailing expenditure of all provincial services improvement program and district services improvement program funds and usage. Let the people see and decide for themselves,” he said.

"We postponed our year of implementation until 2016 so we could fix our public service delivery mechanisms. Now that has been done, we shall roll out our projects."


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Paul Oates

'Guts, gumption and get up and go'.

Governor Juffa is showing the way forward.

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