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PNG NGO calls for a more transparent resources sector

Madang locals make a presentation at the first EITI forum in NovemberPNGRGC

THE Papua New Guinea Resource Governance Coalition (PNGRGC) is calling for greater transparency by the government and extractive industries through the disclosure of information related to the value chain of PNG’s natural resource extraction.

“Informing communities about the importance of knowing their rights to resource projects and benefit sharing is especially important for all citizens,” said PNGRGC coordinator Martyn Namorong.

“But this is only possible if state agencies and the industry provide quality data and contextual information through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).”

Mr Namorong said that the people of PNG had the right to know about the exploitation of their resources and called for greater transparency of information across the board, including contracts, licences, payments made by government and industry, and other data.

EITI is a voluntary, global effort designed to increase transparency, strengthen accountability and build public trust for the governance of natural resources.

PNGRC is helping to secure concrete commitments from governments, resource owners, companies and civil society to improve natural resource governance so Papua New Guineans can see their natural resource wealth translated into sustainable human development.

In December, Mr Namorong and other members of the Coalition attended two capacity building meetings on resource governance in the Asia Pacific. He said 2016 will see EITI roadshows in the highlands and southern regions with PNG’s first EITI report also to be published early this year.

The PNG government through the Department of Treasury has provided funding to setup PNGRGC and for its national awareness and advocacy on EITI.


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Bougainville Freedom Movement

Wishing Martyn and his team from the PNG Resource Governance Coalition (PNGRGC) all the very best in their endeavours to keep the Extractive Industries honest. Good luck.

Apparently, PNG is required to publish its first EITI Report by 19 March 2016. If it is not published by then PNG will be suspended from EITI.

Lucas Alkan in the Treasury Department is the PNG government's National Coordinator for EITI so we do hope you keep him on his toes.

We also hope you are aware of the PNG Act Now website and their take on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). You can view their site at

Once again, good luck to you and your team.

Happy to have your comment BFM, but you'll have to provide the name of a human being not an association before we publish you next post - KJ

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