Let’s be fair dinkum when addressing rape cases in PNG
My father the cadet officer, and the rush to independence

We live, we sell, we buy, we cast, we pray

Lotu (Michel Braunstein)MICHAEL DOM

A message to my readers: We’ve been talking about encouraging the ‘can do’ attitude in Papua New Guinea. Here’s something you can do – print this poem or any other of my socio-political sketches and post them somewhere people can read them. Post them on Facebook or your own blog site. You can do that. It’s called freedom of expression - MD

We live in the land of milk and honey
Islands of gold floating on seas of oil
We trade this all for beer and money
When it’s gone we return to routine toil

We sell the earth beneath our feet while our children play
Because the pastor says that God will bless us some day.

Some people have jobs or sometimes do work
They pay tax to the government coffer
Some people do farming, others just jerk
Off until they get a better offer

We buy the lies that Members flog while our children play
Because the pastor says that God will bless us some day.

Some live in grass huts far from POM city
Some live in tin huts close to POM city
No tap water or electricity
Less school, poor health and death by pregnancy

We cast our votes for higher bids while our children play
Because the pastor says that God will bless us some day.

People go to church to get salvation
They praise and pray their way into heaven
Pollies join them just before election
And harvest all the fruits from this haven

We pray to God for them to win while our children play
Because the pastor says that God will bless us some day.

Dedicated to the Lutheran Synod. Do I get an Amen? 21 January 2016


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Michael Dom

Thank you for your compliment, Vikki John.

It's probably somewhere between whimsical or delusional to think about the wisdom of our ancestors when dying of malaria-typhoid while suffering drug resistant TB or while watching a young mother struggling during the birthing of her fifth child. And etcetera.

We think of progress in a development paradigm.

Progress then is being able to do some things better and being able to to not have to do some things.

Progress is when people are able to cope well with the challenges of today's living.

Not necessarily having a job, a car and a house. It might mean something as simple as having a better kaukau crop.

Progress is when people are able to ensure that their children will be able cope with the challenges of tomorrows living.

Not necessarily land ownership or a trust fund. It might mean a better small business environment to sell their fresh or processed kaukau.

Progress is being in a position to ensure that some things will not need to be done because they cannot be undone.

That might be as simple as not ploughing up that sacred tract of land because we can use other resources more efficiently.

Progress is being able to do what is beneficial for us to thrive and not doing what is detrimental for us to survive.

Success is knowing the difference.

Jimmy Awagl

A great piece that needs to be seen by many of the high profiles to reassess their cruel deeds.

Too much goes into their pockets while the majority are suffering.

Vikki John

Great poem.
Is their a Goddess perhaps that may solve the problem?
Corporate thuggery and capitalism are alive and well in PNG.
Do they or their shareholders go to church?
Possibly... they might drop a kina or two in the plate with thoughts of the poor and underprivileged.
Or offer you a scholarship to continue on in their path to rape and pillage your environment and your people AGAIN.
Yes, you want progress but at what cost?
What is progress when the rest of the world is choking from pollution, no fresh air, no space to grow a vegetable garden, no fresh water to drink?
PNG it is time to remind you that you are very wise. You know the answers as ancestors of your land and you know that people come first, not money or corrupt politicians or mining companies or shareholders with dollar sign eyeballs.

In solidarity and stay strong so you teach the rest of the world how important your environment is and how uneducated the capitalist machine is.

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