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Abusing Public Office

Abusing public officeJIMMY AWAGL

An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

We want to get an answer
Either hear your voice
Or see your face
Person in position of authority

The appointment form reads
‘I am here to see you for water supply project
‘Come and see me tomorrow morning’
So early in the morning they turn up

You are late to resume duty
They wait in vain
After three hours you relay the news
‘I attend funeral, come back tomorrow’

The next morning they are at your office
At 9:30 the door remains locked
They continue waiting in vain
You turn up with red eyes

At the door, you do not greet the clients
You throw it open and slam it shut
With a crash, scaring the clients
You say ‘I am sick and will visit the clinic’

So you exit the office leaving them bereft
You say nothing, but pin a brief notice
‘I am sick, out for clinic, clients see me tomorrow’
You walk away without a backward glance

In the afternoon, I see the yellow logo
With the slogan ‘Going Rural’
Parked at the Tina Tina Bottle Shop
One carton of SP Brownie and a Black Rose

Are you serving the public office?
Or are you serving your personal self
With no consideration for the taxpayers
The people deprived of your lawful service


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Jimmy Awagl

Thanks Iso. Such practice is evident frequently in PNG now.

Iso Yawi

Good one Jimmy... Love the piece

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