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Date set for judicial review of Peter O’Neill arrest warrant

Peter O'NeillSALLY POKITON | Loop PNG | Extract

A DATE has been set by Papua New Guinea’s National Court for proceeding on the validity of the 2014 arrest warrant taken out against prime minister Peter O’Neill.

Justice Collin Makail set Thursday 3 March for the matter to go for judicial review after the prime minister’s lawyer, Mal Varitimos, and Ian Molloy, the lawyer representing the Royal PNG Constabulary, return to the country.

The matter returned to court yesterday and a notice of motion seeking dismissal of the entire proceeding was moved.

The motion was refused by the National Court with costs awarded against Mr O’Neill.

The motion had been filed in January by lawyers representing the heads of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, Matthew Damaru and Timothy Gitua.

Meantime the prime minister’s lawyers indicated that they intend to seek a stay on the matter before the Supreme Court.


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Michael Dom

"Beware the ides of March".

Paul Oates

So who is funding Peter O'Neill in all this highly expensive legal activity? Surely it can't be the PNG taxpayer?

If the house of cards finally does collapse, who will take over? The Deputy Dion or will there be a scramble for power?

Surely this situation can't continue until next years general election? If it is just a question of law and an inability for the person at the centre of the issue to front the bench, why not try the case in absentia?

Surely it's time to cut this incredibly convoluted 'Gordian Knot'? Won't a modern day Alexander please step forward and pull the PNG legal fraternity out of their moribund fascination with this ongoing PNG version of 'Blue Hills'?

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