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Peter O’Neill’s book of dreams finally sees the light of day


His Dream is Our Dream, A collection of speeches by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill CMG, MP, by David Angalapu Roape, Soko Enterprises, 156 pp, 2014, K50.  ISBN 978-9980-87-891-5. It dates back to 2014. Available from PO Box 1205, Vision City, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea. E:

WHILE passing through Port Moresby on my way back to postgraduate studies in Adelaide, I went shopping for second-hand jeans.

Imagine my surprise when I found a book in City Pharmacy on Waigani Drive featuring no less a figure than the prime minister of Papua New Guinea.

I immediately wondered whether I could be the last person to learn about the existence of this book. How did I come to miss the launch?

I've not read anything about it on PNG Attitude, that's for sure, and I'm a compulsive addict of that particular blog site.

The author David Roape holds a business degree courtesy of the United States of America. He has worked for several multinational corporations, including ExxonMobil, and is, by all appearances, a devout Christian.

It took me just under an hour and a half to read the book which contains 18 chapters taking the form of a catalogue of Mr O’Neill’s speeches followed by explanations and clarifications by the author.

It is impressive for all the wrong reasons. I found it was 156 pages of amusing and amazing gibberish. But very revealing.

I also found something to disagree with in every chapter, beginning at the introduction; indeed, in almost every paragraph.

But I guess that's just me.

Anyway, I would like to hold this work up to the light for inspection by many more readers and thinkers.

That is what a free thinking society with any sense of literature and its importance to the state of humanity is supposed to do.

Buy it. Read it. Digest it. And if you can stomach it, tell us about it.

Oh, by the way, the two pairs of jeans I found are great - Billabong and Jeanswest.



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Philip Kai Morre

There are dream analysts who interpret dreams, mostly psychoanalysts. In Peter O'Neill's dream book, my opinion is that he is either real or a shadow side of a personality putting mask on to hide his inferiority or superiority complex problems. A dreamer lived in a delusional world counting his dreams as real and at the end become paranoid.

Michael Dom

I'm going to salvage my chewed up copy and extract pieces from each of the chapters to post for debate.

I've only kept the damned thing because it's got Turana's teeth marks all over it. I miss my buddy.

Henry Yamo

I would have preferred to read the book if it was titled 'His Dream is Our Nightmare'.

Michael Dom

I would offer you my copy Francis, but Turana Korikori decided it was better chewed up. Dogs can be such tough critics.

Francis Nii

Heard and read about it but yet to read the book. Many suggest on Facebook that the title should have been 'Your dream my nightmare'. Amusing.

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