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ExploitationFRANCIS NII

An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

Development, they croon
The typical claptrap
Behemoth’s sweet gimmick

What development?
My lifestyle the same
My status a shame

Change, they chant
The typical mumbo jumbo
Tyrant’s propaganda

What change?
My lifestyle the same
My status a shame

Progress, they brag
The typical gibberish
Swindler’s bitter pill

What progress?
My lifestyle the same
My status a shame

What happens to my gold and copper?
What happens to my oil and gas?
What happens to my forest and fish?

Bamboozled, ripped and robbed at will
While I spectate in bewilderment
Beggar on my own rich soil

My cry fades into vanity
My supplication falls on deaf ears
While swindlers keep plundering

When I rise up for my rights
Armed brutality the answer
Cruelty and dungeon my prize

Why, I ponder
In whose interest, I wonder
Am I not the rightful owner, I cry

Will there be an answer to my cry?
Will there be an end to the exploitation?
Or will I perish on my own soil?


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Joe Herman

Nicely said, Francis. Keep on writing.

`Robin Lillicrapp

Your expression is louder because of the platform it is written upon. The readers hear you and are encouraged to add their voice.

Simon Davidson

A very thoughtful poem reflecting the current flight of our people. Keep it up, Francis.

Michael Dom

Em nau!

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