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It’s very hard to win an election

Ingrid in action at an election forumKEITH JACKSON

IT’S been a rare day that has gone by these past 10 years without an article or a poem or a commentary or a rant in this space.

But here at Attitude Central in Noosa Queensland, we’re feeling a little shagged out after a three-month election campaign which culminated yesterday in the ballot for a new Noosa Council.

So this single contribution may have to suffice for today.

You might have gathered that my wife Ingrid (pictured at a campaign rally) was standing for one of six councillor positions and, as of this moment, we await a decision in this contest.

The good news I can report is that many of our friends assisted in campaigning right up until the close of voting yesterday, in some cases making considerable sacrifices to do so.

These people included Murray and Joan Bladwell, about whom you may have heard.

Murray’s been a great contributor to PNG past and present and is currently working on filling a huge sea container with thousands of books and bookshelves destined for Simbu and the Eastern Highlands.

Meanwhile back in Noosa, the counting of votes began last night and will continue through today and into tomorrow if required.

I stood for five hours at a polling place yesterday handing out leaflets on behalf of Ingrid and felt, at the end of this as I supped that first delicious mouthful of beer, that I had fulfilled one of my fundamental responsibilities as an Australian citizen.

Not only to cast a vote myself but to work to get out a vote that will give us the best people to guide the future of this beautiful seaside shire.

I hope that my compatriots in Papua New Guinea feel they can achieve positive outcomes as they work to get out the vote for national leadership in 2017.

I know from experience how hard it is to win an election. I also know how much harder it is to win an election in PNG.

Work at it, friends, work at it.


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Paul Waugla Wii

Keith, I like the way you said it in your conclusion. "Work at it, friends, work at it!" Yes, We are going to work at it to have a fair and decent election in PNG but I know that it's going to be a pretty tough one and, of course, dangerous in some places.

By the way, I wish you and Ingrid good luck in your endeavor.

John K Kamasua

Hi Keith. Our best wishes to Ingrid and yourself!

Yes some of us are involved in some capacity to put some right people into Parliament in PNG.

Should be able to share some news on that soon.

Joe Herman

Best wishes Ingrid & Keith.

Daniel Kumbon

To kill a pig and prepare it takes time. Some hard work is involved too. The lambchops are ready made - easily available. And that's what PNG people go for during elections. They want to eat and drink now.

Daniel Kumbon

Best wishes Ingrid and Keith.

If Ingrid wins, put some PNG flavour to the party - supply some SP and add some lamp chops onto the hot plate.

Great idea, Daniel. Will you provide a pig? - KJ

Paul Oates

Good luck and best wishes Ingrid and Keith.

`Robin Lillicrapp

Well done, Keith, and esp' Ingrid.
Hope the supply of SP and Lamb Flaps was sufficient for the task.

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