A PNG urban legend - the shape-changing ‘botol meri’
PNG government closer to gaining control of Ok Tedi

Sir Michael Somare announces retirement from politics


PAPUA New Guinea's first prime minister, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, has announced he is retiring from politics.

Sir Michael, who turns 80 next month, says he will not contest next year's elections.

The MP for East Sepik says he has completed his task and it is time for a new generation to carry on.

Sir Michael led PNG for 19 years.

He was chief minister from 1973-75 during PNG’s period of self-government and the country's first prime minister from 1975-80, then from 1982-85 and 2002-11.

Patrick Pruaitch will take over as the leader of the National Alliance Party.


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Vikki John

"Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday"

What happened to the world we knew
When we would dream and scheme
And while the time away
Yesterme yesteryou yesterday

Where did it go that yester glow
When we could feel
The wheel of life turn our way
Yesterme yesteryou yesterday

I had a dream so did you life
Was warm and love was true
Two kids who followed all the rules
Yester folls and now

Now it seems those yester dreams
Were just a cruel
And foolish game we used to play
Yesterme yesteryou yesterday

When I recall what we had
I feel lost I feel sad with nothing but
The memory of yester love and now
Now it seems those yester dreams
Were just a cruel
And foolish game we had to play

Yesterme yesteryou yesterday
Yesterme yesteryou yesterday
Sing with me
Yesterme yesteryou yesterday
One more time.....

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