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John Kamasua (left) distributing free PNG children's booksJOHN K KAMASUA

WHEN I received a box containing 10 copies of Trickery at the Crocodile Pool, I was quietly thrilled.

I found out that the title of the book of short stories was taken from a story I had written for the 2015 Crocodile Prize for Children’s Writing.

Edited by Ben Jackson, the book is an impressive collection of short stories written by Papua New Guineans.

I had requested Keith Jackson for the copies to distribute to schools under a program funded by the Paga Hill Development Company.

It took me quite some time to deliver two copies to each of the schools.

Most schools were just beginning the year and the principals and teachers were busy organising activities and programs.

But I insisted on seeing the headmaster of each school - Boreboa Primary, Waigani Primary, Gerehu Secondary and Baruni Primary.

I have already given copies to all the nominated schools except Baruni Primary, which I had chosen for two reasons.

First, the late Haraka Gaudi, who taught me at UPNG in the social work program, was from the area. Secondly, the former headmaster, who hailed from Simbu, had passed away last year.

To reach the school, you need to pass through the city’s biggest open pit – Baruni Dump.

It may not be the best location, but I want to inspire young children from this area to read, write and dream big.

I not only gave away copies of the books for their libraries but provided a flyer telling how they can get more free copies.  

I told them how the Port Moresby Writers Association is going to involve schools and pupils in writing competitions, and also talked about the 2016 Crocodile Prize.

I am confident that children who read the collection of stories from PNG will want to read more, and will also be inspired to write.


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joseph oroni

good work daniel

John K Kamasua

Thank you Daniel for the work you are doing up there in Enga!

Daniel Kumbon

I will distribute my 10 copies and other books to certain schools soon.

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