Manus Island
Be the candle

The eyes of the innocent


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

WHEN election time comes, you walk side by side with them down the road, drive in the same car and even take them with you in the plane.

You even invite them to one of your homes or force yourself to spend the night in their humble bush material house.

You talk and talk and talk and never run out of words to manipulate their poor minds on how you will construct roads, build bridges and make their lives better with water supplies and electricity.

With their heart and soul, they put their trust in you, elect you, give you the authority to represent them - and then they wait.

Once elected, you walk right pass them, your car shoots dust in their eyes and you fly in the plane far above them. And you never acknowledge them, not even so much as a nod.

A year or two go by and they see no improvement to roads, bridges, water supply or electricity.

When the school year begins and they line up to seek fee assistance, you slam the door in their face, tell your guards to get rid of them and call them all sorts of names.

With their little petitions, they wait, with their struggles they wait, with hope they wait for you to come and show your face.

Mr Big Man, please look down into the eyes of the innocent.


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Diane Bohlen

So true and so sad.

William Dunlop

Good one, all same gammon big man.

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