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A cure for insomnia


The pitch black night, I sit upright.
Not a glimpse of light, an awful sight.
Nothing much to see. The feeling is not glee.
Trying to board dreamland, but the ride is not free,
so couldn't pay the fee.

Trying to remove, that invisible mask.
I sit and bask, ahead the task.
A cure for insomnia, is all that I ask. 
The crows screech, waves crash near the beach.
The thoughts trying to reach, With the evil disguised, 
hated and despised.

All the time that it buys, the sun is about to rise.
The favours that I am in debt, the heights that I've leapt.
The secrets that I've kept, A cure for insomnia, 
I still haven't slept……

Ozmond, originally from Morobe Province, is aged 15 and now lives in Goroka


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Michael Dom

Yes, John Rova, this fantastic early poem by Osmond is going to go into Sumatin Magazine's June 2022 issue.

Go here for more information and reading.


John Rova

Hey Uncle Ozzie, great piece of work their at that tender 15 in 2016. It all means something in general about you uncle. You are growing and gonna be a brilliant young man in the future. Congratulations on this pathway that your are following.

Millicent Rova

Ozmond mama is so proud of you son. You amaze me. Great work son.

Abner Yalu

What did I warn you about reading Uncle Michael's books! You are now infected with poet syndrome hahaha...

Michael Dom

Ozmond is the son of my good buddy Abner Yalu, who also dabbles in poetry.

Ozmond's poem is one of the best I've read this year. A mature piece at fifteen.

He has talent and in applying it has paid attention to the central philosophy as well as the technicalities of his chosen art.

Ozmond is learning how to behave as a poet.

On behalf of the 'silent majority' of writer's and poets, welcome, Ozmond, to The Crocodile Prize.

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