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As a creative writer

Jimmy & friendJIMMY AWAGL

An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

I am hungry
I am thirsty
I am desperate
Willingly eager to write
I am preoccupied as a rite

Everywhere I go there is an encounter
I carry a notebook & paper
And a biro to write
As I see new things
Experience something unfamiliar

Out of curiosity
I write a poem or two
At least a paragraph or two
This gives satisfaction as a writer
I feel annoyed when I don’t write

I regret, when I lose track of thoughts
So, I write on anything of interest
Which can inform & captivate
The audience to persuade & motivate
The moment, I write the idea flows

My concentration occupied
At the bus stop
Inside the bus & coffee shop
At the fireplace
While eating & sitting in the shade

While waiting for others
I write ideas escaping the mind
I’m happy that I recount something
Before I get to have nothing
After sitting in front of my computer

I have something to type
Either a poem, short story or essay
For publication as a writer
For the consumption of the audience


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Jimmy Awagl

Thanks Angra Philip!
I will be honoured to do that so if you are in Simbu then let me know.

Philip G Kaupa

Astounding bro! I am honored to to have a copy of your signed book and having met you in person. Keep it coming Angra,

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