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Democracy or PNG’s idiocy?


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

Like small children
They shout at each other

Finger pointing
And blames shifting

The bullies shout the most
While the timid grouch in silence

The intelligent can’t even make an impact
For they are booed and suppressed

And counter accusations are the order

Policies and legislation
Are bulldozed through

Without proper debate
There is no sound scrutiny

Important questions are not answered
Important issues are not properly debated

Instead ridiculed and evaded
Gagged and ditched

Is it a House of Parliament or kindergarten?
Or buai market?

Is this democracy?
Or PNG’s idiocy?


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`Robin Lillicrapp

The recent 4Corners expose of Malaysian Autocracy in action suggests a similar fate to that of Francis' description of PNG: rampant chicanery, moral and financial.

Murray Bladwell

Francis, if it is any comfort, you have also described the behaviour of the Australian parliament. Maybe democracy is an eroding concept killed off by eroding moral leadership and governance.

Michael Dom

Welcome to Bibliocracy

A vibrant democracy
A rampant hypocrisy
This is the PNG way

Casual religious bigotry
Crippled informal economy
This is all we have today.

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