PNG brings in new legislation to enable dual citizenship
Is it time for prime minister Peter O’Neill to step down?

My daddy, why did you leave us so soon


I LOOKED towards the sky and, as I gazed through empty space noticing the gap you left, I remembered your smile and I knew you were still here with us in spirit.

My daddy, my love, my main man, no one will ever be like you. As my siblings and I stand here around you, knowing you lived your life richly, precisely and outstandingly, I am proud of you, daddy.

Your blessings, your plans, your strategies, daddy, I am taking you home as you have wished. I will take you home. I made you a promise with my siblings, I will always keep that promise.

Daddy, you are the sun in my sunshine.

Daddy, you are my flame in my candle.

Daddy, you are my world, my king.

The most humble man, who would sit on the floor to give his seat to someone else.

You never looked down at rank and file.

For you, daddy, everyone should be respected, everyone treated fairly.

Daddy, your wisdom is I also admired.

You had time for everyone, time for the kids, time for everyone.

I love you dad, we love you dad.

Your wishes will be fulfilled; your children are loyal to you.

No one will go against you, daddy, you are a man of great strength.

Now lead us home, we will take you home, you are going to Santu Theresia, lotu cinta, aka amasi.

My dad, my chief.

I promised you your legacy will live on.

Your name will be remembered forever!

For Chief. For Dad.


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Daniel Kumbon

A proud father's son is expressing himself here with love and respect for others. Other son's whose fathers discarded them during the colonial era are running this country down.

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