It's time to prepare for PNG election & Bougainville referendum
Writing inspiring change: Defining the perfect PNG gentleman

PNG’s Judiciary


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

Intrepid justice dispenser
Astute constitution defender
Uncompromising democracy protector
People’s utmost beacon of hope

In this fluid democracy
Where the executive power is wily
Duplicitous and mendacious
Parliamentary power is diminished

Public service is corrupted
Police are made yo-yos
Army is compromised
Civil society is silenced

Salute you, Judiciary
For standing firm
Against trying circumstances
Meting out landmark justices

It’s you that the populace trusts
It’s you that the masses count on
For a just, free, honest
And progressive PNG

Without you, Judiciary
PNG is doomed
Anarchy is ominous
Democracy is at threat

PNG’s flag-waver
Lest you falter
Stand firm
Keep your virtue


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Chris Overland

The ABC has today reported that RPNGC detectives have arrested and charged Justice Bernard Sakora with taking a K100,000 bribe relating to the Paraka affair.

If it is true that Justice Sakora took such a payment, then PNG faces a crisis of the gravest nature and concern.

Once the rule of law is hopelessly compromised in this manner, then failed state status must surely follow. The crooks, carpetbaggers and shysters will win and ordinary Papua New Guineans will become prisoners in their own land.

No doubt more will be published on this matter in the near future.

William Dunlop

Francis - Good one. Why don't you download James Joyce's Finnegans Wake and send it to the illustrious Bro O'Neill. I am quite sure in my own mind that Joyce wrote Finnegans Wake as a send up to intellectuals. As we say sometimes in my island of Ireland, throw the cat to the canary.

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