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We should not be a haven for world’s criminals says Gary Juffa

Djoko ChandraPNG TODAY & EMTV

ORO Governor Gary Juffa has said that Papua New Guinea should bot be not a safe haven for international criminals after the PNG government granted citizenship to the Indonesian fugitive Djoko Chandra (pictured).

"Papua New Guinea is sending a wrong signal to the rest of the world that we are a safe haven for international criminals," Mr Juffa said.

He said the Indonesian government had charged Chandra for banking fraud and lists him as a criminal fugitive who needs to return to Indonesia and face justice for the crimes allegedly committed there.

But the PNG government has granted him citizenship and seems to be protecting him, Mr Juffa commented.

"PNG must be careful of harboring such international criminals wanted by Interpol and his own country for money laundering and other fraudulent crimes as it gives a bad picture of us to the world," he said.

Mr Juffa observed that the decision to grant citizenship to Chandra was a unilateral decision made by then acting foreign affairs minister then Ano Pala, as the Citizenship Committee had not sat to discuss the matter.

"There are questions that need answers regarding this matter,” he said. “PNG welcomes investors and is willing to grant citizenship to persons who qualify but Chandra does not qualify at all.”

Other members of the PNG parliament also questioned why Tjandra was granted citizenship.

East Sepik Governor, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, asked Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato why Tjandra was housed in Papua New Guinea when he has allegations to answer in Indonesia.

“K450 million was missing in their country and this person’s name was mentioned,” Sir Michael said. “I want the Foreign Minister to be able to go back to five months to six months ago; there was a big write up in Indonesia about the same person.

“And I want to know, what is going on. Minister keeps giving answers which are irrelevant. Let’s come up to points of facts and that facts are these. The guy is a fugitive person. He left the country to come here and we gave him the citizenship.”

Mr Pato didn’t deliver a satisfying answer to Somare’s question but talked about the bilateral relations of PNG and Indonesia. He said PNG is a law-abiding nation.


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William Dunlop

Perhaps just Papua.

william Dunlop

His sister Iliana will be the new rice Queen of PNG & his brother a Knight
of the Realm no less is the No1 Boss of Papindo Trading ect ect.
They are both PNG Citizens & have been for many years.
The other sister Lilly went off to San Diego in the USA in the early 1980's to get a foothold there.

Kamane Wauga

This is a critical, though overtly underestimated, threat to PNGs international reputation. PNG is already exposed and exploited by foreigners who care less about PNG compared to their vast interests.

However, what really concerns the shit out of my conscience is the lack of any credible interventions to curb this trend by the State and its security apparatus in the interests of the state and the people.

One would be correct to assert that we have been invaded with no resistance.

So much for the efforts by our defence border patrols. The saddest and most disturbing aspect of this situation is that the very people empowered to protect, promote and advance PNG's interests are the same culprits going out their ways to be traitors.

The good and honorable governor seems to be the only one who is aware and is articulating on the subject. He has even gone as far as weeding out illegal loggers in his province, with combined efforts from our security force.

Michael Dom

Paul Barker - those are just the MP's you're talking about. What about the other criminals?

Paul Barker | Facebook

Yes, once the word gets around you'll have every form of low life here: drug trafficker, arms trader, molester, human and money trafficker, illegal logger and other resource peddler and land grabber and mafia type etc....well, some may have already arrived.

Peter Pirape

When different revenue sources are created, like the source that was used to refurbish debilitated Central Government Buildings at Waigani, it is called economic diversification and I love it b'cos that is thinking outside the box.

The same economic rational can should be used to create more revenue sources by selling citizenship to international criminals, ISIS fugitives and terrorist lurking all around the world in search for a safer haven, a place to call home, where they are protected under sovereign immunity and this is quick bucks, right?

Sad Governor Juffa appears blind to economic realities... Oh God, help me think again.

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