We are your teachers and we are here for you
Democracy in disarray - and not just in Papua New Guinea

A Crazy Demo


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

PNG’s democracy
Is a crazy demo
Of such egos

Let’s do no harm
Add 17 more charms
Come 2017’s poll

In our bout for freedom
They give us a demo
A nasty crazy demo

Demons have gone crazy
In a struggle for democracy
Making citizens feel lazy

The minority has ruled
Populace know the news
The nation has to choose

Chairs of high integrity
Lead in dishonesty
What about our destiny?

It’s none’s duty to resign
Delinquency and corruption
Quench thirst for power

The three P’s rule
Legalize new laws
Pride, prestige, power

Let’s not say
We have our share
To remain the same

Lets now see
We’ve gone crazy
With our democracy

PNG’s democracy
Is a crazy demo
By such egos


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Michael Dom

The problem with democrazy is that the leaders are Mamon-crazy, the people are biblio-crazy and they call those who oppose them plain crazy.

But maybe we're the right kind of crazy.

"In a sky full of people only some want to fly / Isn't that crazy".

Kumul ino save raunraun long graun - kirap!

Raymond Sigimet

PNG democracy
Damn or crazy
Demon crazy
Damn crazy

Daniel Kumbon

Add another two pidgin word ‘Ps’ and you come up with 'Pamuk Ples'. Because of the fact that our virgin forests are allowed to be exploited by unscrupulous foreigners

Michael Dom

Ha,ha,ha - PNG!

We live in a democrazy!

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