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Dream with Me


An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

Dream with me,
When I dream that I twinkle among stars,
Or skip with sweet cherubs from moon to moon;
When I spread my wings and glide through rainbows,
Catching gold teardrops of gods in my hand,
Or rollick and romp where night and day blend;
When I gaily farewell stalking shadows,
And watch them disappear into poltroons;
When I spark in Elysian Fields on Mars,
Dream with me.

When I wander through bone-chilling waters,
Dream with me.
You might find me beside the sea watching
The waves break tenderly on the seashore,
Or lying on the sand staring at the sky;
You might see glints of the moon in my eyes,
And, in my heart, hear thunder's raging roar.
When you see pretty birds refuse to sing,

Dream with me.
The sun oft rises when no one bothers.
Sometimes when I lie down rain comes falling
On my head, and they trickle down my face.
Dream with me,
On those days when roses refuse to bloom,
And crimson petals shrivel and fall dead;
When the diamonds we laced fall from their thread,
And there is no burning lamp in our room.
Dream with me,
When I lie in the cesspool of disgrace,
Reaching up to the stars while still drowning.

Even if my destiny becomes doom
—The rivers flood and mercilessly sweep
Away darling scents of rosa la france,
Dream with me.
Angry tides may carry off all my dreams,
And all that remains are but tearful streams.
Dream with me,
Even when the rainbows lose their romance,
And sweet lullabies recall restless sleep,
And glory's light becomes shadows of gloom.

Sometimes all you might hear are awful screams
Jutting desperately out from my bones;
Sometimes ghosts may haunt where I plant my feet,
But even if I cleave to nothing, just
Dream with me.
Dream with me.
Even if dreams don't last and become dust;
For sometimes, dreams take us where glories meet
Goons, and putrid scums become precious stones,
And we'll live our dreams, while dreaming more dreams.


This poetic form is an Igivisan Chiasm. It’s reverse or inverted rhyming scheme is inspired by a Hebrew literary pattern known as chiasm, in which several parallel “markers” are placed at the beginning and ending and so on until the reader is pointed to the centre of the writing. A chiasm most often appears in the form:








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Wardley Barry

Thanks for your comment Beatus. It's encouraging.

Beatus Wai

A moment of reading only carried me deeper into the unknown. Astounding work there, Wardley.

Wardley Barry

Thanks Phil. I've been reading a lot of Greek poetry lately.

Lindsay, I'm humbled . . . and hopeful.

Rashmii Bell

Love this one, Wardley!

Lindsay F Bond

Dysent'ry drifts to past, septic tanks of late cast, sum scum con strained at last, dreams freed a gain arise, poetry lifts surprise, Wardley's work worthy prize.

Philip Fitzpatrick

That's a great poem Ward.

Apart from the technicalities the imagery does it for me.

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