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Government apparatchik threatens over student protests


AS A certain mania overtakes the government of Peter O’Neill, his chief secretary Isaac Lupari has claimed that there are people behind the current university protests who are not students but agitators with sinister purposes.

Radio New Zealand International is reporting that Lupari has warned that people attempting to commit illegal acts as part of attempts to hijack student protests will face the full force of the law.

Talking of social media, which has grown to be a major bogey man for Peter O’Neill, Lupari said activists are not students but agitators who have no interest in student matters.

“There is big money involved in manufacturing protest for people of dubious intent,” Lupari alleged in a statement released tonight.

He warned the public that they were at risk of being fooled into participating in a broader political campaign.

"Make no mistake, the agitators behind proposed protest are not students, but have much more sinister purposes," he said.

He added that, due to the serious nature of threats of violence, the National Security Advisory Committee will convene to discuss the matter.

Issuing a threat of his own, Lupari added that “the government will consider certain powers that can be used against this behaviour."


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Michael Dom

Should our Father Abraham have sacrificed his first born son?

Read about this and more in 'The Parodic Pantheon of PNG's Unholy Parliamentary Papacy' - coming soon.

Peter Kranz

I remember the student protests 12 years ago at UPNG. Most days a bigman or two would come on campus to meet with their provincial group's protesters. Luther Wenge and Don Polye were noticeable. I am sure they had completely innocent reasons for visiting!

Marcus Mapen

All he (Mr Lupari) is doing is trying to put doubt, fear and division into the minds of the students and the people. University student protest is not a new thing, been happening for centuries.

We all know about how O’Neill got into power the first time and everything he has been doing to hold onto power. If there is anyone with any dubious intent, it is Mr Lupari and his boss.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Undoubtedly there are people with ulterior motives urging the students on for their own interests.

A politician wouldn't be a politician who didn't see the present situation as an opportunity to make hay while the sun shines.

Lupari should identify who he thinks these people are so the students can be wary of them.

What he doesn't realise is that the whole thing is much bigger than any politician's grubby little strategies.

He might also want to ponder the fact that the present unrest targetted at O'Neill is all of the government's own making.

Undoubtedly? Easier to hint at a conspiracy than to come up with some evidence - KJ

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