Peter knows how to remain in power
Nation’s pursuit of truth means PM must respect the Constitution

Is Papua New Guinea in a leaderless state?


THE student protests at the major universities is a test of leadership, and I mean true leadership.

This is the third week of the students’ boycott of classes. According to media reports, a handful of ministers fronted up at the University of Papua New Guinea only once.

There are 111 MPs on the floor of Parliament –where are they? These students come from an electorate, a province and a country.

We read in the news that students at Unitech, the University of Natural Resources (Vudal) and the University of Goroka have now joined hands with UPNG to be on strike.

Unlike in the past, most of the issues they believe are worth the strike are in the public domain through digital media.

As to the merits or demerits of these issues, it is something for them and I do not intend to delve into that.

Hiding behind the curtains of the people’s power and sending armed policemen to intimidate and suppress an enlightened young people is not the solution, but inflates the situation.

It makes matters worse and is actually an international embarrassment.

The university administration, elected representatives and police hierarchy are getting it wrong. This is not a police state and this tyrannical demonstration of governmental power is uncalled for.

Besides, we have a deteriorating law and order situation in the country. Why send police in truckloads to intimidate harmless students when the police resources can be better deployed in much needed areas of the country.

Again, the students strike demands leadership. Where are the leaders? Of course we all want the students to return to classes. But is this the way of convincing educated elites to return to classes? Or have we run out of solutions in now sending armed policemen?


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Lindsay F Bond

Neither as terse nor adverse, civility can be celebrated.

Each P.M. thank, though one’s not done
of M, J, P, and R, J, B,
M, S, P, (pls, P’s run not done,
and J, S, none less for acting.)

Each P.M., thus words contracting
of name no pun or make of fun;
M’s solemn oath, crown service won
nought other thought or deed detracting.

Each chosen one, first attracting
of fame that electors won’t shun.
P.M.’s prime job’s from rise of sun,
work befalls, becomes exacting.

Each P.M. think, can come undone;
of job A, B, C, few P.M.s stun,
humaneness lapses, some say none,
naught thought support if ill reacting.

Each P.M. lest words distracting
oft claim good for posterity,
P.M.s serve for everyone:
haughtiness-less; hopes refracting.

Marcus Mapen

We, the silent (and suffering) majority and hardworking tax payers of this nation of PNG want this prime minister to step aside. That is all that we want. Why is he continuing to do all these childish things just to stay in power? The more he holds on, the more he looks like a little child. His name is already tarnished and as it is now, he is not fit to hold onto the position of prime minister of PNG anymore.

And Barbara, you need to understand that we don’t need this prime minister to set up or do anything. We have seen what he has done in the recent past (and is continuing to do so) and we don’t trust him anymore. There are people who are at a level higher than him who will do that (set up inquiry). What he needs to do is step aside. Besides, I have concluded that ‘Royal Commissions’ or any commission of inquiry in PNG are fakes……nothing satisfactory ever results from them. They’re just another waste of tax payer’s money.

Michael Dom

Facts do matter: (full quote) "Hiding behind the curtains of the people’s power and sending armed policemen to intimidate and suppress an enlightened young people is not the solution, but inflates the situation."

Hiding behind lawyers skirts is childish. Fact.

Using your 'bigger brothers' to go beat someone up because you don't like them is childish. Fact.

Crying that 'I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't blame me', is childish. Fact.

Passing the blame onto people who were in charge before you, when in fact you were a minister during that time too, is childish. Fact.

Mewling and moaning that 'they're all out to get me', is childish for a politician, particularly one who has become the Prime Minister - of course their all out to get you, poor baby! Fact.

Barbara Short

Marcus, this comment was by one of my fellow Sepiks. I guess he feels the Opposition should also demand an answer from the PM concerning the Paraka Case. i.e. demand the PM step down until it is solved.

My comments (which, I forgot to post) was.....We need O'Neill and the other leading politicians in power at the moment to speak to the students and explain how they will deal with their questions on the Paraka case and any other cases before the courts at the moment which implicate the PM.

They will need top lawyers, judges .. to be willing to work with them to sort out all the mess in PNG at the moment. It will take time. I would call it a Royal Commission.

The students must be convinced that the PM will do something, set something in motion, that will bring about the conviction of all those who are guilty of stealing government money in the past, telling lies and taking bribes.

They need them to be given a prison sentence with Paul Tiensten and serve their time and turn from their wicked ways and turn their whole lives around.

Marcus Mapen

Barbara, mi think view blo yu em i asua liklik.

This thing is about a corrupt government and a prime minister who will do anything to stay in power. It is about a government who is mismanaging and bankrupting this country. This country is being run down...that is the fact.

It has nothing to do with the opposition. Why should they resign?

Barbara Short

Another comment from the Sepik Forum...

Yes, your last sentence may be or is correct...running out of solutions and using the police to buy time and work on another excuse. Be honest come out tell the truth and shame the devil, everyone does mistakes and that is a reality in humans.

Also why can't the opposition all resign to show their frustration. That will for sure move the government. So is it now a truth that it is a political game being jointly played by the opposition and the government?

The truth is if the PM is to resign the call must be sponsored by the Opposition...em olsem view blong mi...

Corney Korokan Alone

"An enlightened young people is not the solution, but inflates the situation." This is extraordinary language, blackmail even.

Facts always matter!

Michael Dom

I think I have raised Sam Koim's questions in this poem from 'O Arise!'.

I have been looking forward to the day when these poems are no longer relevant, but that day, it appears, is still very far off.

Where are our leaders?

Where are the Members?
They hide in their chambers.
Where are the morals?
They made Parliament a brothel.
Where are the ethics?
They play Peter’s petty politics.
Where are the leaders?
They fake their laurels.
Where are the chiefs?
They cause us grief.
Where are the heroes?
They give us sorrows.
Where is swift justice?
They fired the police.
Where is the court?
They hired lawyers to rort.
Where is the law?
They changed it before.

Who made them the Members?
It was us, you must remember.
Who buried the morals?
It was us gave them the shovel.
Who marred the ethics?
It was us ignored the critics.
Who made them the leaders?
It was us let go the tethers.
Who made them chiefs?
It was us who faked beliefs.
Who made them heroes?
It was us hid the horrors.
Who stalled swift justice?
It was us for political peace.
Who challenged the courts?
It was us took it as sports.
Who changed the law?
It was us gave them the floor.

What do we do for Members?
Our rights must not be surrendered.
What do we do for morals?
Our words and deeds are for all.
What do we do with ethics?
Our Haus is built with its bricks.
What do we do for leaders?
Our brightest and best believers.
What do we do for chiefs?
Our customs are our relief.
What do we do for heroes?
Our democracy is in its death throes.
What do we do for swift justice?
Our aim must be accurate and precise.
What must we do for the courts?
Our laws we must not abort.
What do we do for the law?
Our leaders must arise and be more.

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