Morauta criticises O'Neill for a ‘stagnating’ PNG economy
The budding of ‘Economic Man’ on the eve of a national election

Kantri go we nau?

Women student protestersRAYMOND SIGIMET

My thoughts on the current situation in Papua New Guinea

I olsem, i no olsem

Planti samting i no stret
Ol manmeri tok i olsem
Ol lidaman tok i no olsem
Kantri stap wankain yet

Mi lidaman blong Paliamen

Pipol makim mi, mi lidaman
Yu laik rausim mi, traim gen
Pipol givim pawa pinis long han
Na Haus Paliamen tok ‘Amen


Big man, wok giaman, i no wankain man
Pisin man, maus man, kamap wara man
Kainkain man, giaman, em ol kaikai man
Giaman, sampla lidaman, ol giaman man

Em samting blong pipol

Taim yu holim sia olsem bigman na lidaman
Tingim, mama i no karim yu antap long en
Em samting blong pipol, yu holim long han
Sapos han blong yu karangi, givim sia go bek gen

Wari long kantri bagarap long han

Ol uni sumatin wari long kantri na ol i no go skul
Ol tok kantri PNG wok bagarap long han blong PM
PM tok bagarap em wankain long ol narapela kantri tu
PM tok bagarap em olpela gavaman wokim, i no em


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