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An entry in the 2016 Crocodile Prize

Look at the world
Why it is full of conflicts
There is so much killing
Poverty and hunger

While world powers
Are pumping billions
Into developing lethal weapons
And space rockets

In the game of arms race
So-called security

The rich are greedily
Amassing wealth
Squandering megabucks
On parties, circus and holidays

Their pets are lavishly fed
Full three meals a day
Dressed in fine ornaments
Living comfortably in mansion

While millions are starving
Foraging trash bins for survival
Dressed in rags
Living in squalid cardboard hut

What if the whole world
Is full of love?
Showing benevolence
To one another

There should be no hatred
No conflict
No enemy
No killing

What if the whole world
Is full of contentment?
There should be surplus food
Every family should have a home

When love and contentment
Rule the world
There should be no poverty
Hunger, war and dying

Mankind should live
In peace and harmony
With one another
At least in my conscience

When love and contentment rule the world, there should be no poverty, hunger, war and death.


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Robin Lillicrapp

Simply phrased and nicely put: if you will have it, such an idyll is part of Biblical promise. Until then, Calvary's work secures the Just by faith.

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